Improve service quality to increase user satisfaction

What is Smart DPA

Smart DPA is an efficient solution for the estimation of restrooms cleanliness trend
aiming to increase users’ satisfaction.
Thanks to the Event Stream Processing Engine Smart DPA provides insights for
the staff coordination such as KPIs and Alerts per restroom.

Transport infrastructure managers (e.g. airports, stations) and venues building managers
(e.g. shopping malls) are facing increasing user numbers and the pressure to provide
high-quality services to satisfy the users’ needs and expectations.
The restroom cleanliness is one of the most important aspects for the overall
users’ satisfaction.

Why Smart DPA



Enables predictive at-a-glance insights for better coordination of cleaning staff and for an improved users’ satisfaction.



Integrates multiple data streams already collected or processed by airport systems.



The complex event processing engines efficiently merges heterogeneous data streams to KPIs and alerts.

high speed


Smart DPA is a solution for airports but also for other context such as stations and other public venues like shopping malls.

How It Works

Smart DPA acquires the real-time information already collected or processed by airport systems such as

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Trends of users’ flows

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Restroom cleaning service monitoring

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Passengers’ feedback

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Real-time boarding pass scanners at security check

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System counting users entering and exiting restrooms

The Event Stream Processing Engine efficiently merges heterogeneous data streams to KPIs and alerts.

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Estimated cleanliness index

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Next suggested cleaning time

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Alerts on low cleanliness index

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Restroom position on the map

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